Textbook of General and Oral Medicine

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Textbook of General and Oral Medicine

by D Wray, G D O Lowe, J H Dagg, D Felix & C Scully

ISBN 0443051895


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Book Description

A textbook for dental students on general medicine and surgery, and oral medicine, showing the inter-relations between the two areas.



General medicine and surgery section will concentrate on what the dental student needs to know - there is a lack of books which do this * Cross referencing between the two sections will aid understanding of the relevance of general medicine to dentistry * High quality colour pictures throughout - crucial for the recognition of oral lumps and lesions * Two important areas of the dental syllabus covered in one book.



PART 1 - General Medicine. Introduction To General Medicine And Surgery. Case History Taking. Clinical Examination. Investigations And Treatment. Infections. Disorders of The Cardiovascular System. Disorders of The Blood And Lymphatic System. Disorders of The Respiratory System. Disorders of The Nervous System. Disorders of The Alimentary Canal. Disorders of The Kidney And Urinary Tract. Skin Diseases. Endocrine Disorders. Musculoskeletal Disorders. Psychological Disease. Female Reproductive System. PART 2 - Oral Medicine. Introduction To Oral Medicine. Clinical Examination In Dentistry. Oral Ulceration. Vesicobullous Disease. White Patches And Premalignant And Malignant Lesions of The Oral Mucosa. Oral Mucosal Infections. Immunodeficiency. Salivary Gland Disease. Pain And Neurological Disorders. Systemic Disease - Oral Manifestations And Effects On Oral Health Care. Miscellaneous Orofacial Lesions.